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In 2013, I was hit by a bus while crossing the street. I sustained multiple skull fractures and some significant brain swelling. Over the next 18 months I would undergo 4 neurosurgeries, have one bone infection, one chronic non-healing wound on my incision line, have a prosthesis implanted in my skull and I was left with a traumatic brain injury. To say that I had anxiety and depression would be an understatement. I had NO idea what my future would look like and when I would be able to return to “normal” life.

My Story

It was during this time that I first heard about mindfulness. I’ll be honest, at this point I would have tried anything that might be helpful. I was pretty desperate and would have done anything. My social worker recommended the 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program and in the spring of 2014 I had my first session. And I was hooked. Within weeks I could feel a shift taking place inside me. I realized that this was something that everybody needed to learn about – and that I wanted to teach it.

The Journey Begins

In 2016, I headed to the US to attended the MBSR teacher training pathways that was offered by the Centre For Mindfulness at The University of Massachusetts. As I wrapped up my training the initial seeds of The Mindfulness Journey were planted. For all of my life I had been painfully shy. I wouldn’t even raise my hand to answer a question in class. Speaking in public? Forget about it.
With time, I learned how to quiet that voice that is constantly chatting away with doubts, limiting self-beliefs and of course all of the “what ifs”.
I realized, if I could learn how to do this, surely other people could learn how to do it as well. And I want to be the one to teach them how.

The Mindfulness Journey was created to help you to learn how to get out of your head and into your life. Stop letting doubts and fears keep you from moving forward. Learn how to be – one moment at a time.


Charlene Gethons


Charlene is a qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher & mindfulness coach, a motivational speaker and a therapist.

Charlene has spent the last 10 years working with children and youth with special needs, mental health and behavioural issues until an accident in 2013 prompted her to reexamine her life. In 2014 she began her masters program in counselling psychology which she completed in the summer of 2017. It was also during this time that Charlene began her own mindfulness journey. ‚Äč

As a way to learn how to manage the uncertainty she faced after a series of operations and complications, Charlene studied mindfulness meditation with her mentor and teacher Jasia Sulit. She deepened her practice at silent retreats in Vipassana meditation through the Ontario and Quebec Vipassana Centres. She has also received training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Charlene has a daily meditation practice of her own and embodies mindfulness as a way of living and being. Charlene is the owner of The Mindfulness Journey, a mindfulness meditation company in Toronto.

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