Month: December 2020

  • How to Shift Your Focus When You Feel Stuck

    In 2020, it has been easy to feel overwhelmed by emotions and everything that has been going on around the world. Managing through a global pandemic is a challenge that few have ever experienced before and as a result we can often feel like our emotions are out of whack and and like you’re stuck in a standstill. Habits and routines have gone out the window as a life of sweatpants and baking bread have become a way of coping.

    With the new year approaching I’m offering a few practices to help you to learn how to shift your focus so that you can stay (or get back) on track.

    1. Recognize how you’re feeling. The first step is to start to learn how to recognize what you’re feeling. When we practice sitting with what is, and opening up and welcoming it in, we can start to recognize when anxiety shows up. When we know what’s here we can figure out how to work with it. This allows us to crack open the window of choice, that space between stimulus and response where we can choose our response to a situation instead of defaulting to reaction mode. The Welcome Mat meditation is perfect for helping you to connect in to what is.
    2. Refocus your attention. When our old friend anxiety comes for a visit it likes to bring a ton of fear based thoughts with it. One second your sitting there, everything feels fine, and the next thing you know you’re going down a ruminating spiral of worst-case scenarios. Just me? The second you notice your thoughts spiralling (that’s awarenesses BTW) you want to refocus. This is the shift you want to start creating in your life. One of the best ways to do this is to come to the breath. When we focus on the breath, suddenly everything starts to slow down. Our breath. Our thoughts. Everything. Just breathe, in and out, until you feel like you’re ready to move forward with your day.

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  • This Holiday Season, Give Yourself the Gift of Compassion

    This holiday season, we’ve been tasked with attempting to celebrate and connect during a pandemic. The good news is that a mindful compassion practice can help us to remember, that by slowing down, we have the ability to navigate this time with care and kindness.

    Meeting this moment starts with remembering that compassion and kindness are still available to us in moments of difficulty and uncertainty. Compassion and self-compassion is about being a friendly presence in the face of difficulty. Compassion allows us to be with what is here, the good and the bad, and to meet it like an old friend. It helps us to turn towards life, not away from it, which helps us to meet challenges with skill and to experience some joy. 

    Compassion reminds us of the strength that we already possess. And when we turn inwards we create the space needed to embrace whatever comes our way. Whether that’s a pandemic, celebrating over yet another zoom call, or any of the difficult and unpleasant emotions that tend to crop up during the holidays. 

    This holiday season, as you go about your days, preparing for the holidays, or making plans to actively not celebrate this year, notice where compassion arises naturally and where you might need to cultivate a little bit more. 

    compassion practice

    3 practices to help bring compassion into focus

    1. Loving Kindness. This practice involves opening our heart to the person we are the hardest on – ourselves. When we open up and bring some love and kindness towards ourselves we can connect in to the compassion that is present inside and the belief that we deserve love just as we are. 
    2. The Welcome Mat. This practice teaches us how to greet what is here in the moment as an old friend. With kindness and compassion we invite in our feelings of anger, sadness, grief and fear. By making friends with these emotions we are showing ourselves kindness and compassion in a powerful way. 
    3. Gratitude Practice. This holiday season (and everyday) we can tap into our feelings of gratitude as a way of reminding ourselves of the good that exists even in the midst of difficulty.