A Quick Way to Overcome Self-Doubt

Published On: March 31, 2022

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My younger self wishes that she had learned how to overcome self-doubt as it would have given her so much more peace and freedom in her life.

Growing up, I used to doubt myself all.the.time.

Constantly overthinking & second-guessing myself, I always questioned whether I should do or say something – so much so that I would often never say anything.

That all changed when I started learning mindfulness. Through my practice, I learned how to do the inner work so that I could overcome my self-doubt.

The good news is that I learned how to overcome my self-doubt… the even better news is that you can too.

How to Overcome Self-Doubt

The thing about doubts is that everybody gets them. Doubts are natural, especially when you are faced with doing something new for the first time.

Doubts only become a problem when they stop us from working towards our goals and plans for our lives.

I graduated from university with my BA in psychology in 2004 with the intention fo going on to get my MA and eventually my PsyD in psychology.

Only I didn’t.

My doubts showed up and I believed them when they told me that I would never be accepted.

It took me 10 years, one accident, a brain injury, and 4 neurosurgeries before I finally got my MA in psychology.

Doubts, just like thoughts are not facts and we have a choice whether to listen to them or not.

Back in high school, my friend was sharing how she had gone white water rafting with her family – exciting and terrifying. Immediately my mind said, “oh I could never” and immediately dismissed the idea.

When thoughts like this come up we are given the opportunity to investigate them with our beginner’s mind.

We can ask ourselves: “Is this true?” “If not now, can I do it later?” “Is this something I actually do want to do but right now I’m scared/nervous?” If I am nervous what can I do to feel better?”

That conversation about rafting was back in the 90s and for years I thought I would never go rafting. Until the day I overheard some of my friends talking about an upcoming rafting trip and they asked me if I wanted to join them…

Cut to me…

I don’t think I have ever said yes to something as fast as I did that day, haha.

Am I glad I went? Yes. Did I regret my decision immediately the moment we met our first rapid? You Betcha. Lol

overcome self-doubt
That’s me at the back hanging on for dear life & regretting my life choices up to this point 😂😂

I had a great time and this trip was definitely something I would have talked myself out of doing before. I would have let my doubts take over but the thing is we have a choice and we can train our brains to choose differently.

Overcoming Self-Doubt as an Entrepreneur

I’ve always struggled with believing in myself but never more than when I first launched my own business.

As an entrepreneur we need to make SO many business decisions and we can feel like we have no idea what we’re doing.

90% of the time I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing – luckily that other 10% is mindfulness and mental health stratgeis which help me to deal with that 90%.

Doubts like:

“I’m not a copywriter!” Even though I write all my own copy.

“I’m not a course creator!” I currently have 3 courses available.

I may not always know what I’m doing but I STOP and I figure it out.

life is full of choices - how to make choices with intention

Doubts show up for me everytime I need to market or promote my business. They also show up right now, post-neurosurgery, when it comes to recording videos – but if you watch my most recent YouTube videos you’ll see that I’m not letting it stop me.

Doubts show up and we want to run – I know I sure do – and so we start to procrastinate and avoid doing the things that make us uncomfortable.

But if promoting my business makes me uncomfortable so I avoid it well there goes my business.

When you notice where doubts are showing up and what thoughts & emotions are coming along for the ride you can do something about it.

The brain is designed to adapt and studies have shown that you can train your brain to change, to slow it down so you can make a choice. New ways of thinking can change it for the better. You can learn how to respond thoughtfully instead of reacting emotionally.

Even better news? You can make these change with a short daily meditation practice. Like say 10 minutes a day? 😉

I got you covered.

choose your thoughts

When you notice how your doubts show up you can start to choose whether you want to listen to them or not.

Together I’ll show you how.

Learning how to trust in myself and my decision make was the #1 thing that helped me to grow my business – even while I’m in between neurosurgeries.

I show you how to be more decisive inside my free masterclass training so that you can find more clarity & focus every day as you start & grow you business.

Sign up here to join me for this training – you won’t want to miss it!

decisive webinar

This training is perfect for entrepreneurs with chronic illness who can’t lost time (and energy) debating about what to do when it comes to making business decisions.

Are you an entrepreneur who doesn’t have a chronic illness but struggles with being decisive? This training is also for you – indecision is indecision and it’s time to let it go so that you can move forward towards your goals. 💕

a guide to overcome self-doubt

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